Look at Sungmo or Momo to his fans!! kyaaaa~ He's so cute!!! Jihyuk shared this picture and on its caption, he said, "riraku kuma sung mo" hmm... I wonder what does it mean. I am no Japanese speaker. BOO. And I think, it's not hamtaro. Whatever, he's so cute. hahahaha~


Peek a boo to Kwangsu hubby!! LOL

Avex dropped JYJ -> suckers!

If Avex dropped JYJ because of SNSD, then you sucks! How can you do this to them?! We all know, money is always involved. Yes, they're giving you good profit but how can you just drop them in a single time? This is so disappointing! But I'm glad that JYJ will be in CJ Ent and they welcomed the boys with open arms and they'll have a global release! I know the boys can do it.

Gaga over Miss A

Can you believe that I am now fangirling over a girl group! Being a fan girl of almost ten years, only Miss A caught my ears. Ermm.. BoA is a solo artist.. FYI.. kkk~ I was always curious about this girl especially on Jia because of her pink hair in Bad Girl Good Girl MV. hahaha~ Anyway, that song totally rocked! LOL. And their second single, Step Up. Well, another awesome single from the girls. BREATHE is so..... I got LSS on that song. Nice choreography and their video is so colorful. LOL


Yuchun Day~

He said...
Yu-chun: Mr. President of United States, We are gonna have a show case of our new album to the fans of Miami, LA, New York and etc. Would mind if you talk about us on your twitter, use your blackberry?

OHMAGAD! Yuchun di kita kinaya! You're so demanding! LOL! I was rofling when I watched this video. Tama ba naman pati sa Blackberry idemand. hahaha~
I was like ^____________^ when I saw Yuchun. Oh my Gosh~ his smile is so...... that made me so speechless!!! HOLY COW!!!!

JYJ The Beginning World Tour 2010 in the Philippines

Who wants to see JYJ in Manila? Of course all Pinoy Cassies will do anything just to see them, including me! And I really hope that they will go here! In my case, I will do anything just to see them live, even if I beg to my parents although they're humiliating me most of the time.

But to be able this event to be true, we need 5000 attendees within a week on Facebook. As of 2 days, there's already 1482 attendees.

I hope someone will stumble on my blog and click the link on attend. :)